Tough Luck

by Second Try Saturdays

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released September 14, 2016

Luke Start



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Second Try Saturdays Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Track Name: Fear Of Fading Away
I wanna go home
But I don't know where that is
I wanna get lost
So I can find myself again
I wanna try
I wanna try
If you could tell me what that looks like
I wanna stay
I wanna stay
Please don't let me fade away
Because I am more than all of this
And we are more than all of that
I'd like to take some time to get my mind back
I always thought I had it straight
It doesn't matter anyway
It doesn't matter anyway
Oh it's all messed up anyway
I'd like to see the end of my days
Who I am and who I praise
I've drifted
Oh I've drifted
Oh I've drifted
Just please don't let me fade away
Track Name: How About No?
Take me back to May 14
When you were still falling in love with me
Some of the best times of my life
A time where everything was alright
But no the summer's through
Yeah, it's all gone and I feel like you are too
But I'll remember this summer
As skating with my friends
Being head over heals for you
I didn't stand a chance
And you scraping your knees up
On the pavement
And being in your arms at 4 am
And she said "why are you leaving"
I said "I don't know.
I don't have any options"
She said "how about no?"
Track Name: Good News (Julien Baker Cover)
Written By: Julien Baker

Your long hair, a short walk
My biggest fear and a slow watch
The thin air, my ribs creak
Like wooden dining chairs when you see me
Always scared
That every situation ends the same
With the blank stare me in the tap water
Circling the sink drain
Because it's heavy
I'm trying really hard
To keep my nose clean
The blue out of my arms
But it's not easy
It's not easy
When what you think of me is important
And I know it shouldn't be so damn important
But it is to me
And I'm only ever screaming at myself in public
I know I shouldn't act this way in public
I know I shouldn't make my friends all worry
When I go out at night and grind my teeth like sutures
My mouth like a wound
When I stay up and throw my voice about you
Or less about you and more about how I ruined
Everything I think could be good news
Track Name: When Everything's Okay
What am I doing here?
I'll be the one to say
Everyone's living in fear
Stressed when things wont go their way
I wanna be alone tonight
Catch my breath and make things right
See past my own eyes
And try and let in the light
I don't know where I've been
And I don't know where I'm going
I've been so distant
But I swear I'm doing the best I can
And I'm waiting on my escape
Yeah, it seems to be running late
Everybody's depressed
It's ripping up my chest
And I'm waiting on a day
Where everything's gonna be okay
And I'm waiting on a day
Surrounded by love
Where everyone and everything's okay